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Comments from those interviewed in the Film:

From Sue Williams (Tom's daughter, Trish's sister)

I was very moved watching the film "Losing Tom". Of course it is personal and deeply emotional, but I do think many people can relate to this story of tradgedy and triumph. At the time the film was made, I had already spent a considerable amount of time in therapy dealing with the dysfunction alcoholism creates. It was the catostrophic effects of Dads advanced alcoholism that started my own path to greater awareness and better health.

Two years after this my flim was made, my father passed away. For me, it was a healing experience. We were released somehow from suffering witness to his further decay.

The triumph comes with breaking the cycle of dysfunction and growing continually.

Sue Williams



From Rudy and Anne Manz (long time friends of Tom and Karen)

After viewing the film about the life, alcoholism and the "non-death" of our friend, Tom, we feel that we really did not know him for the many years that we were associated with him in the fire department and in the town. We always found him to be very viable and helpful, but always a witty, humerous man. Perhaps that was the alcoholism of which, at the time, we were unaware. The film, by his daughter, Trish, was intense, often bringing long forgotten emotions to the surface. His real death brought us closure, which, for a long time, was unavailable to us. We lost a dear friend, not once, but twice.

Rudy and Anne Manz
Franklin Lakes, N.J.



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