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New Insight

Through the making of my film and written analysis, I have taken personal issues and confronted them, while examining the psychological and cultural circumstances of my father’s illness and death. Making this film and confronting these issues was a cathartic experience for me which enabled personal growth and helped me to understand my own complicated grieving process. For my family it was a step in fostering more effective communication and sharing personal feelings. There are many universal issues to be examined for viewers who have connections in their own lives to many similar issues.

I have gained a closer relationship with my mother after she shared her inner most experiences with me. Also, I gained deep respect for my mother as I realized how much she had grown as a person through her experiences and understanding and how she managed to reach a place of peace in her own life. I gained a new understanding of the anger my sister Sue still harbors toward my father. Losing Tom gave my sister the opportunity to re-evaluate my father and her relationship with him, and focus on his good qualities, not just the bad. The fact that Anne and Rudy Manz (as family friends who resided in my parents’ town, and Rudy being a member of the Fire Department) really did show concern for and respect my father, which gave me new insight into his character and illustrated the concept of true friendship. They understood his illness and tragedy much more than I thought, and have maintained a friendship with my family. Rudy was always offering to help my father, as well as keeping updated about his condition. He also organized he deeply moving funeral service the fire department gave my father upon his death.

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